Unity Functions and Features

Origination of Installment and Single Pay Loans

  • Calculation of interest, insurance and fees (ex. Consumer Installment & Single Pay Loans)
  • Consumer Document Printing

Loan Processing

Centralized Loan Approval
  • Branches &/or dealers submit applications
  • Instantly viewed by one or more experienced loan reviewers
  • Instant electronic communication between approver and branches/dealers
  • Document Imaging—scan documents at branch/dealer for instant review by the approver
Address Verification

Ensure all new loans are entered with a valid address. A search is performed against a North American US based address database which will notify of a discrepancy or alert that the address cannot be verified/found.

OFAC Verification

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) name verification is available in Unity. A search is performed against the “Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List” database to ensure the name of your client is not found at loan origination.

Credit Bureau Inquiry

Unity eliminates the need for duplicate entry with our integration into Credit Bureau.
Enter information in the appropriate area and:

  • Credit report is displayed on the screen for viewing/printing
  • Application fields are populated with creditor information
  • All credit reports are saved for future viewing
Document Approval

Integrated Document approval allows all authorized employees to have instant online access to any origination documents thus eliminating copies being mailed or transported to main office.

This option includes electronically mandating scanning of mandatory documents

Document Imaging

Document Imaging is integrated with the Unity system. Scanned documents replace copied images on file reducing storage space. Save time by enabling employees to quickly & easily view or print documents at the press of a button. Documents are readily available while approving a loan, taking payment or handling collections. Documents are indexed by social security number. Images can be created from a flatbed or multi-page scanner.

Auto Value Inquiry

Credex has integrated Black Book into Unity to give our clients the convenience of easily establishing “Auto Value” without leaving the system. Black Book is widely known and highly respected in the industry for offering timely, independent and accurate used car values.

Payment Processing & Collections


Loan payments can be automatically drafted from customer checking/savings account with Unity’s ACH module.

Debit Card Processing

Built into our loan software is the ability to post a payment with your customer’s card. You have the option to manually key the card in or use a swipe machine tied into our system. We do an immediate authorization from our software and if the money is available, post the payment! The funds are deposited into your bank account. No need for a separate card system.

Check by Phone

Your customers can make payments by phone. They provide you with their checking or savings account information and our software provides the electronic interface to debit their bank account and places the money into your bank.

Centralized Collections

Unity allows staff at a central location to place collection calls for all branches, update comments, promise dates and much more. Reports are available which allow you to measure performance on each collector.

Text Messaging

Integrated into Unity, messages are sent in mass instead of one at a time. Use for solicitation, late notices, payment reminders and collection notices. Save time and money.



All programs, including your loan information, are stored in the secure data center of our partner, Venture Technologies.

Hosting offers:

  • Highest possible security
  • Access from any internet connection
  • Software updates handled for you
  • We take care of file backups
  • You never run out of processing power and file space
  • Redundant equipment
  • Continuous power supply
Protection Plus

If your office was hit by a natural disaster, or went up in smoke tonight, would your entire business be dependent on a few backup disks? IF THOSE DISKS WERE BAD…WOULD YOU LOSE EVERYTHING?

Any one of the disasters listed above can be devastating to your company but now you can protect yourself by using PROTECTION PLUS to let us backup your files and protect your data.

By using an automated method of storing your Credex data files offsite, you can be assured of having a reliable backup when you need it. Backups will be stored in another city using the latest data encryption technology. In the event of a disaster you can count on us for a quick recovery of your valuable customer data.


Branch Audits

With Unity there is no need to make frequent visits to track branch activity. All loans are stored in one place for real time access from any internet location.

Dealer Management

Unity's Dealer Management system will allow you easy access to, and management of, your dealer information. The system tracks all dealer originated loans, reserves and service charges. A full range of reporting is available.

Auto Title Tracking

Documents such as auto titles may or may not be available at the time a loan is made. With Unity the dealer can note on the customer’s account if title is in hand at time of loan creation and add when available.

Auto Repo Tracking

Repossession of automobiles is a fact of life, especially in today’s market. Unity cannot remove that fact, but we can help ease the pain of tracking automobile repossessions.

Unity offers our clients flexibility by allowing them to set up multiple Repo companies, sellers and codes to manage the repo portion of their business.


Text Messaging

Integrated into Unity, messages are sent in mass instead of one at a time. Use for solicitation, late notices, payment reminders and collection notices. Save time and money.