Karen M. Russ

Huntsville, AL

Great People Service


I would recommend Credex Systems to any company that ask. They are fast and friendly and keep up to date with State rules and regulations also the software is easy to use.

Brian Younce

Beacon Finance

multiple offices in Tennessee

  • Excellent Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Very friendly staff and management
  • A tremendous value for your investment
  • Program is simple and easy to use

Vince T. Garafola

Vs Holding Company

We have been with Credex since 2011 and during that time we have opened and closed offices. Credex made it very easy to accomplish both of these types of changes. Credex is very easy to use and teach new employees. They have a very good reporting format for those that like to build their own customized data reports along with many default reports. Credex continues to makes changes to the system to keep up with our industry as laws and regulations continue to change. We have been able to grow our business and centralize some of our processes due to the Credex software system.


Great Software Vendor


Credex and I have had a wonderful relationship for almost 15 years. They provide a quality product and have a wonderful helpful staff.

Judson Flint

 Credex Systems is the premier company for superior consumer finance software solutions.

Our company has used Credex Systems as our loan software provider for well over 20 years. I have found them to be a sound and proven company with excellent customer service. They provide a well run system and they are responsive to the needs of their clients. The pricing of the system is reasonable and worth the products that they offer. I would recommend Lloyd and his staff to anyone in the loan or consumer finance industry.

Wayne Criswell

 Credex is by far the best in customer service

best company for service


 Love Credex!

I always get a quick response whenever I contact Credex, and they do all they can to help rectify any problems as quickly as possible. They are also some of the nicest people I can think of to deal with. Also, I would be amiss if I didn't mention how fantastic Michelle Campbell is...and I don't mean this as a slight to anyone else. It's just that Michelle knows it all, and is incredibly patient despite being an obviously very busy person.






 Credex has been nothing but great to work with. They always aim to please.

We have had Credex as a software partner for several years. They have worked hard to continue to update items we needed. I think that if you were deciding to go with Credex you would not be disappointed.


 Excellent product for the consumer finance industry
Having been in consumer finance for some time now, and being a partner in a private finance company for some 8 years, we have worked with Credex over the years, and have been impressed with their products and their staff. I would highly recommend this Company!


Credex Systems

Customer service is quick and professional; any concerns are addressed in a timely manner and with expertise. The software is easy to learn and use and the company is constantly working to upgrade the software in anticipation of the customer's needs. The company listens to suggestions from its' customers and works to create a seamless integration between your company and the software itself.